So you just finished up your music video that you spent forever and a day on. Sorry to break it to you, but the time for sleep has yet to come. Although a high-quality music video always has the chance of going viral, that chance is SLIM if there’s no promotional strategy to back it up. So, we’ve put together a list of ways to promote your next music video that will help give it maximum exposure…

How To Promote Your Music Video in 7 Easy Steps

Build Up The Excitement

Doing so sets up a promotional army who’s ready to hit the share button for you once it releases. Use every avenue available to you in order to reach them, from widespread social sharing to email blasts.

Everyone’s pre-release strategy is different, but reminding your fans of the release date multiple times leading up to it is absolutely essential. There’s always a good chance a decent number of fans didn’t see your initial post or may have forgotten. — Don’t forget to remind them!

Make Sure Your Music Video’s SEO is On-Point

If your music video is being released on a YouTube channel, making sure it’s fully optimized is key in setting it up for maximum discoverability. This means making sure your video’s Title and Description correspond, tagging and categorizing your video appropriately and utilizing an eye-catching, yet non-misleading, thumbnail. Learn more about how to boost your YouTube views here.

Share Digitally and EVERYWHERE

It should go without saying that sharing your music video across all of your social media channels is a must, and so is encouraging all of your family and friends to do the same. Use engaging post descriptions and CTA’s in order to get fans to watch the video and, more importantly, share to their networks as well.

PRO TIP: In addition to sharing on the typical and more traditional social channels, explore some non-traditional ways of sharing. These can include online forums and groups, such as reddit and Facebook groups. 

Send Out An Email Blast

This is another more obvious method of sharing, but an avenue that many musicians don’t take advantage of. If you’re just starting out with an email list, check out our tips on how to build an emailing list for email marketing. Collection of emails on your artist website is a must, and collaborating with other artists in a video can double your email list.

Try running a fan competition in the form of a meet-and-greet or ticket giveaway to help you out in the email department. (This will also help to add more followers to all of your social and streaming networks, too.)

Utilize YouTube Ads for Musicians

In order to set up your video as a paid Ad on YouTube, you must first have a Google Adwords account. From there, you can easily target your video to reach certain audiences that are similar to your fanbase. Paid YouTube Ads are one of the best ways to quickly start racking up those YouTube views and make sure the right demographics are seeing your music video.

Reach Out to Social Media Influencers

Sliding into the DMs of influencers can sometimes go a long way if done right. If you see an influencer actively promoting music of your genre and think they would enjoy your video enough to share, take the chance and reach out. Twitter tends to be the easiest place to gain support for a music video or song link due to its simple usability and gives content the power to go viral faster than most other social sharing sites.

In Conclusion…

As with anything else, the more effort you put into planning a promotional strategy for your music video the more success and exposure you are setting it up for. Every strategy is going to differ, but by implementing the promotional tactics listed above into your next music video release strategy, you are sure to see positive results. Rest easy knowing you’ve done everything possible to make your goals a reality.

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