How To Monetize Your User Generated Content


Not only can we monetize your sound recordings and publishing catalogues to help you get the most out of your content, we also claim any and all user-generated iterations (UGC) for you. 

Facebook & Instagram

Our partnership with Facebook, which covers Instagram and other services, works like our partnership with YouTube. We upload content into Facebook’s systems in order to scan for anyone using that same content. Then, the content is available for use on Instagram and Lip Sync Live and Instagram Stories.

We also deliver your content to Rights Manager for FB/IG allows us to monetize your sound recording catalogue through reels, music stickers, and ad-supported posts and more.

TikTok, Triller, etc.

You already know platforms like TikTok and Triller have been growing faster every day. In terms of music, they’re becoming even more fruitful, especially for the artists. That being said, of course we are here to make sure you are getting paid no matter where your music is featured.

Here at Urban Elite Publishing, we have a great partnership with TikTok that allows our clients to deliver their tracks onto TikTok for creators to use in their videos. We ensure our clients the most revenue possible from their efforts.

You work hard on your music, and we’re right there with you.



With SoundCloud, you have the benefit of a large community of like-minded artists to get insights from and to collaborate and connect with within a positive community of creatives. SoundCloud is notoriously “by musicians, for musicians” and it’s not a bad idea to use that to your advantage.

  • Did you know Urban Elite Publishing can monetize your tracks and profile on SoundCloud and also deliver your catalogue to SoundCloud Go?

ACRCloud, Audible Magic, Pex Attribution Engine

If you aren’t familiar with these platforms, they’re the ones who monitor numerous major platforms for reiterations of catalogues. Urban Elite Publishing delivers to these in order to maintain the best “big data” picture of releases across the industry, gain advantage for protection of IP, and to maintain the most thorough monetization strategies available.

In Conclusion…

With a great team behind you, you can accomplish anything. To all the amazing clients who work with us every day, we appreciate you and are incredibly proud to be a part of your journey. To be an independent artist with creative freedom AND the ability to support yourself through it all is the best job there is. We’re here to help you make it happen.

Your music is your business. Make sure you’re getting paid every last dime no matter where it ends up with the help of a team that has your back… (that’s us btw😎)

Interested in joining Urban Elite Publishing?  We offer more than just what’s been mentioned above. We specialize in catalog management, analytics, content delivery, music video distribution, marketing, social media optimization, and so much more. — Click here to learn more and discover what it takes to join the fam. 

Good luck!