Our Story


“As much as I love music, I was at a crossroads and considering giving up my dream. I was working a full time job that I of course didn’t like. I couldn’t figure out how to monetize my love and passion for music. I worked really hard and learned a lot but still didn’t make money! Years went by like this.

Finally, my big break! I was introduced to the lucrative idea of placing music cues in TV ($). Using the same opportunities I am offering you, I started earning regular royalties. I was and still am writing simple cues in my spare time. All it took, was for me to know the right people and START WRITING!”

URBAN ELITE PUBLISHING gives you the opportunity to have your music featured in some of the world’s biggest films, TV shows, video games, and brand campaigns. We’ll also alert you when appropriate labels are looking for new talent. Whether you’re a songwriter, band, DJ or composer, landing the right brief could explode your fan base on a global level.